Customs clearance

INTRASTAT/Customs clearance

WiringS has competency and years of experience in working with logistics companies and manufacturers who import and export their goods.

We also permanently cooperate with freight forwarders from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

  • We take over from our clients the obligation to prepare INTRASTAT declarations and we provide customs services for import and export of goods.
  • We help to prepare applications and appeals as well as verify documents submitted to the Customs Office.
  • We are also authorized to register companies in the PUESC system and to assign EORI numbers.

Customs clearance is carried out at the place: Oddział celny V Warszawa ul. Spedycyjna 22.

When working with us, our customers:

  • optimize their administrative costs
  • reduce the risk related to constant changes of legal regulations - we maintain a constant level of knowledge about the current regulations
  • are confident about the timeliness and reliability of performance of duties in accordance with the requirements of the law
  • and in "contentious" cases we support them in their dealings with authorities
The deadline for submission of statistical declarations for a given reporting period must be strictly observed. Failure to meet this deadline exposes the entity to financial penalties.

We would like to remind you that the reporting obligation to send Intrastat declarations arises as soon as an operator meets two basic criteria:

  • actively participates in the exchange and movement of goods within the European Union by selling goods, i.e. (WDT) - as well as by purchasing goods, i.e. (WNT)
  • in the current or preceding accounting period reaches the value of the transferred goods at the level of the determined basic threshold applicable in the given reporting year.

We encourage you to contact us by phone or e-mail, where our staff will be pleased to answer your questions

Contact to our Customs Agent
Waldemar Kordys
Phone: 48 722 353 885